佩因大学 Saved My Life

By Deonte Moses


College was not an option for me, coming out of Mt. Hebron High school as a young man with a 1.25 年级 point average who only knew how to shoot and dribble a basketball.  我的养父答应我,在我高三的时候,他会给我机会和他住在一起. I was currently in a situation where life in my mother's house was not the best. I had failed the 10th 年级. I was suspended and dismissed from school more than 20 times, 这让我的平均绩点在霍华德县的选区里最低, MD.  As I prayed for guidance and wisdom from a God that I believed in but did not know at the time, a pastor by the name of Luther B. 费尔德打电话给我的养父,问他是否知道联合卫理公会的学生有兴趣上大学. 鼓励, yet realistic about the young man that he had living in his home, 他回答说, “是的, I have a young man, 然而, he doesn't have good 年级s.“费尔德牧师对我监护人的回应改变了我的生活,这是一种前所未有的改变, "Bring him anyway."


My guardian drove me to 佩因大学, with the dream and hope that I would find a way to make this opportunity work for me.  Had I not seized the opportunity, 我就会发现自己注定要流落街头,在那里我看到我的许多朋友被逮捕和枪杀. 我不想这样,所以欧宝体育下载是我唯一的希望,我必须在我的生活中有所作为. I will never forget the day I walked into Reverend Felder's office, threw my hands in the air, 并说, “牧师, anything you ask me to do I will do it."  


我现在的现实是,我可能活不到25岁,无法在西巴尔的摩崎岖的街道上生存, if I messed up this opportunity.


My first semester at 潘恩 was a depressing one. For the first time in my life, I had taken school serious because I had to and became a scholar; 然而, 现在的教练很严格,从不让我有机会参加篮球队,因为我在高中的时候是个孩子. 因此, I promised myself that as soon as I became eligible to play NCAA basketball, I would create a highlight film, reach out to other schools, and transfer because I knew I had the talent and was good enough to play on a college team. This is exactly what I did. 我投进了3分.第一年平均成绩3分,被比弗尔斯的日内瓦学院录取, PA, where they promised me a prosperous career and a professional career overseas. 然而, 当我在日内瓦的秋季学期回到球场时,我发现有些东西缺失了. 欧宝体育下载给予我的爱和鼓励,让我作为一个年轻的美国黑人获得成功,这超出了篮球在我人生那个阶段所能做的任何事情. The community and extended family that I had been given through Reverend Felder, Mrs. Jacqueline Connie, President Samuel Sullivan, Professor R. Wayne Woodson, Dr. Elias Etinge, and so many others who had poured into me 并说, "Deonte Moses you can do it. It does not matter where you come from, or how you started, you are more than capable of becoming anything you put your mind to if you work for it."  


These relationships had such a huge impact on me. 因为欧宝体育下载,那些定义了我的东西,以及我为改变而献身的原因,不再是我的身份. 我离开了日内瓦团队,所有参与这个项目的人都很震惊,我回到了欧宝体育下载.  Upon my return to 佩因大学 and because of the level of belief they instilled in me, 我决定要有所作为,鼓励别人努力工作,尽自己所能成为最好的自己. 


我心中燃起了一团火,梦想有所作为,我成为了校园里一名有影响力的学生. 我毕业于欧宝体育下载,获得了英语专业的文学学士学位,并取得了一些成就:我成为了Kappa Alpha Psi兄弟会的一员, 合并, a two-term Student Government Association President, a starter and captain of the basketball team, 他是学院历史上第一个在一学年带领运动队和学生会的学生, and a ministerial intern in South Africa, 莫桑比克.  我还成立了一个校园事工,通过我自己的旅程和经历来培养大一大二学生与上帝的关系,这些经历让我走到了人生的这一步. 



目前, 我即将进入杜克大学神学院研究生的第三年,并在欧宝体育下载完成我的入学考试, God could not be more real in all that He has allowed me to accomplish since I've been here. Since I arrived in Durham, NC, I became a lot of firsts: the first intern for student ministry in the history for Duke Chapel; the first African American intern for the University of North Carolina's Wesley Fellowship, and currently going into my second year with them; the first African-American resident and caretaker for University Methodist Church and through my role in ministry I have been called into activism, preached 13 sermons, led 5 protests fighting against racial injustices, founded my own non-profit organization, 并受雇在低收入地区通过福音教学帮助另一个人建立社区. 我在社交媒体上有超过4.6万名粉丝和支持者,许多人都被我的故事所感动和鼓舞.  It is my desire that I will not be the last, that other students will also follow. Yes, God is real.


佩因大学 Took Me Where I Was

如果欧宝体育下载没有给我一个机会,帮助和祝福我,让我有机会尝试做些什么, none of these amazing things would have been possible.  我会在西巴尔的摩的某个地方站在街角,直到有人杀了我或警察把我送进监狱,因为我只知道这些.


我当时说了, I will say it now, and I will preach and share this until the day I die, 佩因大学 saved my life!  


Without 佩因大学, 很多学生因为错误和人的判断而被忽视,他们本来没有机会在这个世界上有所作为. 我全心全意地爱欧宝体育下载,我将永远感激欧宝体育下载,并致力于欧宝体育下载的发展. 


我在杜克大学完成学位课程后的计划是把我的非营利组织搬回巴尔的摩, 通过提供课外活动等资源,为我所在的社区带来巨大的改变, a youth league initiative, neighborhood days, and teaching gospel. My goal is to run for a position of the Baltimore school of Education, build a positive reputation in government and politics, and run for a political office that will serve the people. Because of God's hand on my life through 佩因大学, 对于一个以全校最低平均绩点、全班最后一名的成绩完成高中学业的年轻人来说,所有这些都将成为过去. 


Attorney Tianna Bias, Class of 2015

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Attorney Tianna Bias, Criminal Defense Lawyer for the Hawk Law Group, 是欧宝体育下载的毕业生,获得了社会学和犯罪学的文学学士学位. 她获得了学术奖学金,毕业于萨凡纳法学院,并以班级前5%的成绩毕业. While at Savannah Law School, she served as the Student Bar Association President, Executive Editor of Savannah Law Review, and was a member of several organizations including the Black Law Students Association. As a first-year law student, Tianna在模拟法庭比赛中获得第二名,并在全州模拟法庭比赛中获得第三名.

Upon earning the Juris Doctor Degree, 她进入工作岗位,担任奥古斯塔司法巡回法院的助理地方检察官,在那里她从2018年到2020年起诉了重大重罪. She joined the Hawk Law Group in 2020. If you're traveling in Augusta, and see this billboard - HONK to let the CSRA know that you're #PAINEfullyProud of Tianna!